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MSN Talk 1.86 Update – Chat History

May 6, 2010 10 comments

I’m very happy to announce that MSN Talk now support to save chat history into SD card.

In setting, you can turn off this feature on ‘Chat’ section. If you turn off this feature, MSN Talk will not save any chat histories into your SD card.

You can show each chat history by using ‘View history’ menu on Chat Window. MSN Talk will create a history file into SD card for a one chat session. As a result, it may create multiple history file with a contact.

If you want to clear chat histories with a contact, you can clear all chat history files by using ‘Clear’ menu on the history selecting screen.

Of course, you can delete or copy these history files into other places like your desktop.

In your SD card, all chat history files are located in a directory named msntalk. directory format is as following.


For example, If your email address is ‘’ and your contact’s email is ‘’, full path of a history file would be


You can freely open these chat history files with your favorite text editor such as notepad.exe on Windows, vim on Linux, TextEdit on Mac OS X. All texts are encoded UTF-8.

Have fun!

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JMSN 1.43 Update news

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce a new minor update version of JMSN for Android.


  • Auto connect was not work pretty often. Now it works very well!
  • Support Android 1.5 such as HTC Hero, Acer netbook, etc.
  • Some force close bugs were fixed.
  • Text focus lost ¬†when you type character over than 1 line. fixed.


  • Emoticons had drawn as low quality. Now it has better quality even when you change font size using volume keys.
  • Icons have appropriate sizes on Android 1.5 devices. HTC Hero, etc.
  • Not reconnect when you are sign in other computer.


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