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Let me introduce myself.

March 5, 2010 11 comments

My name is JMSN for Android. I was born to serve MSN Messenger to Android users. Look around my features.

Invisible Login

You can sign in your password with invisible status.


You can use 40 emoticons such as :), :$, :@.

Display Picture

You can set your display picture (aka. avatar) in JMSN. Select ‘Change Picture’ in menu or just Touch your default profile image (upper left corner), and you can select your favorite photo in the media gallery. Then, JMSN will automatically resize your photo to fit your network volume. and send that to your all contacts.

Of course, you can show your contacts’ display pictures. If you connected to MSN network via WIFI, all pictures will be automatically downloaded and displayed on the buddy list screen. and will update when contacts change their photo.

Be careful. If you are in 2G or 3G network, you may not want to download display picture, and don’t want to send your display picture to your friends. In Settings, Pictures on 2G, 3G option will help you to prevent swallow your traffics.  This option value is off in default.

Swipe among chats

When you chat with 2 or more friends, it is very boring job to change windows. Touch a menu..and touch a friend you want to chat.. No more! just swipe chat window. toward left, and right. It is very easy than Alt+Tab 🙂

Block and Super-Block

Of course, you can block a contact in context menu. but think about you want to block all of your coworkers. and the number of coworkers is 30. Block them all with 30 operations? ridiculous. In JMSN, just select a group you want to block, and choose Block all in this group. that’s all!


I will have more features such as Viewing Chat histories, Viewing Multiple Buddy List views, Export Chat Logs to SD card or your Google Docs, Enhanced Chat Windows..  etc.

I have to consider user experience as well as performance. As a result, feature updates would not be so fast. be patience!

Any suggestion? Let me know what you think.

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