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New Advertisement Policy will be applied in June.

May 22, 2010 70 comments

MSN Talk Pro version is almost done.

Within 10 days, Pro version will be available on the market, and the free version will include an advertisement in contact list screen, and will not able to suppress ads anymore in setting menu. no ads in event viewer screen.

All customers who paid JMSN before can fully refund if you email me ( with an Order number in google checkout. Over 50 customer have paid when MSN Talk was a paid app at February, March.

Free version (with ads) would also include following features.

  • Offline messaging (can send message while you are invisible)
  • Custom nickname (can display, and set)
  • Multi location sign in
  • Can chat with Yahoo contacts (can’t chat with yahoo contacts when you are invisible)
  • HTTP Proxy for connections.
  • Localization

Pro version (no ads) would include following additional features.

  • File Transfer (send/receive)
  • More

Sorry again for including ads in my free app. I don’t have any alternatives.