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New Advertisement Policy will be applied in June.

May 22, 2010 70 comments

MSN Talk Pro version is almost done.

Within 10 days, Pro version will be available on the market, and the free version will include an advertisement in contact list screen, and will not able to suppress ads anymore in setting menu. no ads in event viewer screen.

All customers who paid JMSN before can fully refund if you email me ( with an Order number in google checkout. Over 50 customer have paid when MSN Talk was a paid app at February, March.

Free version (with ads) would also include following features.

  • Offline messaging (can send message while you are invisible)
  • Custom nickname (can display, and set)
  • Multi location sign in
  • Can chat with Yahoo contacts (can’t chat with yahoo contacts when you are invisible)
  • HTTP Proxy for connections.
  • Localization

Pro version (no ads) would include following additional features.

  • File Transfer (send/receive)
  • More

Sorry again for including ads in my free app. I don’t have any alternatives.


MSN Talk 1.990 Update and upcoming schedule.

May 19, 2010 11 comments

MSN Talk 1.990 version reduce battery cost and fix force closing bugs in invitation screen and event viewer.

Recent 2 weeks, there were many updates as below

  • Improve performance on chat windows. As a result, MSN Talk consume less battery power while you are on active chat.
  • Reduce memory usage when MSN Talk is in the background. Users who are using Android 1.5 have very low heap memory on their phone. If you have a lot of contacts and they have a display picture, MSN Talk consume your memory very much. So, When you press Home button to run another app in your phone (like Browser, Camera), MSN Talk release memory which are used in pictures.
  • Event Viewer – You can be notified when your contact sign in or sign out.
  • LED notification – You can now notified flashing phone’s LED when you received a chat message or have a new event.
  • Emoticon chooser – After version 1.96, Emoticon chooser was added in chat window. 40 emoticons. (not custom emoticon)

And upcoming updates would have

  • Localization – FR/ES/DE/IT/KR/CN/JP
  • HTTP proxy support for connections. (not SOCKS4/5)
  • Offline messaging – Receive/Send. would only available in Pro version.
  • Custom nickname – Set/Get custom nicknames which were set in original Windows Live Messenger. would only available in Pro version.
  • File transfer – Receive/Send file. would only available in Pro version.

I’ll notice when MSN Talk pro version is available on the market.

Thanks for reading.

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MSN Talk 1.86 Update – Chat History

May 6, 2010 10 comments

I’m very happy to announce that MSN Talk now support to save chat history into SD card.

In setting, you can turn off this feature on ‘Chat’ section. If you turn off this feature, MSN Talk will not save any chat histories into your SD card.

You can show each chat history by using ‘View history’ menu on Chat Window. MSN Talk will create a history file into SD card for a one chat session. As a result, it may create multiple history file with a contact.

If you want to clear chat histories with a contact, you can clear all chat history files by using ‘Clear’ menu on the history selecting screen.

Of course, you can delete or copy these history files into other places like your desktop.

In your SD card, all chat history files are located in a directory named msntalk. directory format is as following.


For example, If your email address is ‘’ and your contact’s email is ‘’, full path of a history file would be


You can freely open these chat history files with your favorite text editor such as notepad.exe on Windows, vim on Linux, TextEdit on Mac OS X. All texts are encoded UTF-8.

Have fun!

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