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Upcoming version of MSN Talk may include…

April 27, 2010 15 comments
Upcoming Features
  • Can show contacts as custom nickname which was set in Windows Live Messenger.
  • Can save Chat History to SD card.
  • Can show message delivered status in Chat windows. This feature would help you to check whether messages you typed are sent or not.
  • Offline messaging (send/receive)

Upcoming Bug Fix

  • Sign in problems. I have receive a number of reports that some users can’t login with MSN Talk.
  • Sign out problems. Some users signed out when they press Home button.
  • Multiple chat window bug. Sometimes multiple chat windows was opened even with one user.

Above updates would be released in May.

Thanks a lot!

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MSN Talk 1.75 Update – Sounds, Nudge, URL link

April 23, 2010 5 comments

MSN Talk 1.75 is released.

This update has new features as below.


  • You can receive a nudge from your contacts. 5 short vibrations may be occurs when you receive a nudge.
  • Of course, You can send a nudge to your contact. Use menu button, and select ‘Nudge’.

Customizable Sounds

  • Removed ugly legacy sounds. I know they were too bad. 😦
  • Now you can pick sound effects from your Notification Ringtone on your phone.
  • Of course, you can set a ‘silent’ sound as event.

Copy and paste chat messages.

  • You can know copy each chat message by context menu. (long click on the message you want to copy)
  • Then, messages will be copied to the system clipboard. paste it anywhere as you wish!

URL link

  • On chat, any url links in messages will be highlighted in Blue color.
  • Then, of course, by using context menu, you can pick a url you want to browse, then the page will be shown.

The upcoming version may have some bug fixes.

Thanks a lot.

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MSN Talk 1.71 Update – Customizable Colors

April 17, 2010 5 comments

Long time no updates.

Since MSN Talk 1.71, you can customize color settings as below

In Settings, you can find a section named ‘Colors‘. In this section, You can customize colors on below elements.

  • Contact List : Background and text color.
  • Chat Windows : Background, screen name, timestamp color.
  • Messages from me : Chat Balloon background, and message color which are sent from me.
  • Messages to me : Chat Balloon background, and message color which are received from others.
  • Contact Card : Background and text color.

Next update would be.. customizable sound effects.


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